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DUT Graphic Designers end the year in ‘high demand’

Third year and Btech graphic design student held their end of the year function and exhibition at City campus with the theme ‘high in demand’. The theme was based on them closing off the year by showcasing their work. “We are about to get off this production-line (schooling), the first idea was ‘we are the product’…..


There is just over a month left before applications for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) close. Opened in September, the applications are set to close on November 30 2019. NSFAS is the biggest student bursary in the country which spends billions each year to fund the education of many South Africans. This bursary if…..


It is exam time and stress levels are on the rise as DUT annual students have started with their exams this week.  It is that time of the year where we put what we have been learning to the test and our future will be determined by this exam period. First years are going on to…..

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Here is your summarized version of the DUT Statement

You most probably opened your dut4life email address and found and email with the subject matter “DUT Statement – 24 July”, right? Let us summarise it for you and make everything much easier. In light of the recent protests that have been taking place on campus and also the burning of a PHD student’s car, the…..


A strike that was suspected to take place at the Durban University of Technology took place this morning! This is after students have been writing statements on the SRC Facebook page that they will not set foot on campus until their needs have been met. The SRC released also released a statement on Friday that points…..

“Do you feel safe on campus?” #FutureBeats

This week on Future Beats brought to you by HEAIDS. The focus was on sexual violence at Universities. This year Dr Naledi Pandor had established a team which looks at dealing with such violence at higher institutions of learning. The Durban University of Technology has now released their communique with regards to reporting gender-based violence. These…..


Have you always wondered how one is able to communicate using their hands and facial expressions? Have you always found it fascinating? Well, the good news is that you can now be able to learn sign language. For free! The Disability rights unit is giving all students and staff an opportunity to enrol in their sign…..

Meet your ‘new’ minister – Blade Nzimande!

It’s been a week after the appointment of the new Cabinet for the 6th Parliament by President Cyril Ramaphosa. One of the most anticipated moves was the shrinking of cabinet which shrunk from 36 to 28 ministries. Higher education and training has been merged with Science and Technology with Dr Blade Nzimande being appointed as the…..


      RadioDut’s rap battle show Freestyle Friday is fast gaining momentum as it keeps on unleashing raw talent. The show which takes place at the station’s studios and on campus, features freestyle rappers from all over Durban. This week’s edition featured more than ten freestyle rappers who all possess unique talent. Freestyle Friday is…..

Are YOU Responsible? Do You Shift YOUR Responsibilities Onto Your Partner?

Very often, the debate about whose responsibility it is to initiate condom use in a relationship erupts among our friendship groups. Let’s face it, it is both yours and your partner’s responsibility to use a condom during sex, well because the consequences of not using it will affect the two of you. This question reveals and…..