November is the last month for allowances and exams which means that students should get ready for the holidays.

The SRC has released a statement giving clarity to the controversial 48hour rule.

The 48hour rule is for students living at the institution’s residences which gives a student 48 hours to leave the residence after their last paper has been written.

This caused a lot of issues as some students argued that it is unfair to leave before their marks are out.

This will now change slightly.

Since the last allowances are expected to be paid out in the first week of November, students who had no exams are expected to leave their residences by November 6.

Annual students are expected to be gone a week later on the 11th since their results would have been published.

However, semester students will stay a little bit longer.

“Semester students will vacate on the 23 of November 2019.” Written in the statement.

For those wishing to have friends come over to your place, this might not happen since some residences no longer allow visitors at this time of the year.

For those wishing to stay longer due to their in-service training, there has been a poster circulating relating to casual stays.

Due to Student Housing not being able to confirm its authenticity, you would be urged to go to their offices to inquire about it.

However, the requirements are that you need a letter from your department stating reasons why you should stay casually.

Inservice training students would need to produce a letter from their company to the housing department.

This is all due by November 20 according to the poster.

Some students have jokingly said they would love to leave in January. Are you ready to leave?

Matshidiso Tsolo

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