DUT Semester students to only register once a year from 2020

It is good news for semester students to know that they won’t be registering twice from next year.

A DUT statement released says that the current system has been proven to insufficient and inconvenient for the students and staff.

The university has come up with a single registration system which will be implemented from next year, with this system you will only register once at the beginning of the academic year for semester one and two.

The new system means students will only pay one deposit for each year instead of the previous system where two deposits were required. You will be able to use the online system to register once for both semesters in January. Where you won’t qualify to register for a particular module, adjustments will be made on your behalf.

Somethings will be affected, which is your residence registration will be of an annual, however if you don’t qualify to register for second semester modules you will be automatically deregistered from residence. You will need to ensure that you select all the correct modules in semester one and two to complete your registration in January. You will need to check your registration details at the beginning of each semester to ensure that you have been deregistered from any subjects you should not be continuing with.

The university is excited about the new system and the positive change it will bring.

Students are encouraged to use online payment and registration for residence and academics. This is a beautiful way to begin the new academic year in a smooth sailing way. Check out your dut4life email to get the full statement.

Nonhlanhla Hlatshwayo

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