Nearly 10 months after the fatal shooting of Mlungisi Madonsela, there might be questions finally answered.

The Mthiyane Commission commences on November 11, 2019, and those with information have been asked to come forward.

Madonsela was shot by a security officer during a scuffle that took place outside Steve Biko campus in February.

No arrests have been made.

Ever since this incident, the hashtag #JusticeForMlungisi has been trending on social media every now and then.

There also were several protests and marches around the incident with the most recent one that saw the students deliver a memorandum to request the National Prosecuting Agency to re-open Madonsela’s case.

The independent inquiry will not look Madonsela’s death but other matters as well.

These include the injury of a staff member, the causes of student unrest and steps that the university needs to better handle student protests.

“The inquiry panel may request specific members of staff and students to before it”, said in statement released by the university.

Anyone wishing to produce evidence should provide their full contact details, how they relate to the University as well as the type of information they have before they could be allowed to testify.

This is the contact to use:

Mrs Nalini Krishun

Registar’s Office


[email protected]

For the full version of the statement. Click on dut4life email.

Matshidiso Tsolo

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