Zöe: Is she racist or Angry?

“F***** K****** don’t know how to spell my name.”

These are the words from a voice shared by a high school girl named Zoe who expressed her anger when her black friends misspelt her name on a student WhatsApp group.

It is alleged that the 17 year old got angry when her friend put her on a WhatsApp group. She later got angry when one of the members in the group misspelt her name by putting two dots on the “O” of her name.

She left the group and later sent a voice note to her friend telling her she was “offended” by the misspelling of her name. The friend then later forwarded it to the group.

The voice note immediately caused a frenzy within the school children. Allegedly the learners want action to be taken and are allegedly threatening to protest and shutdown the school.

The school is yet to comment.

By Phumzile Mavuka


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