Youth Month 2016




June is the 6th month of the year marking the end of the first half of the year. As students mainly, there is a lot that calls to be acknowledged and celebrated during this month.
Firstly from the 29th of May till the 5th of June is CHILD PROTECTION WEEK. The government has said to go about paying attention to some of the difficult issues faced by South African youth. This week aims to remind society of the importance of children’s protection from things that may be harmful either physically, emotionally and mentally. We all play a role of a child to someone so as this week draws to a close; reflect on how you as an individual can have a positive impact on the emphasis of the protection of children and their rights.
June is also celebrated as Youth Month as it mothers June 16- a day which commemorates riots by the 1976 youth against the apartheid government and its education system. Blood was shed in order for all South Africans to have the same education and equal opportunities academically. Again, reflect on yourself as an academic- are you grabbing every opportunity that comes your way with both hands or was the blood that was shed and lives that were lost all in vain?
Lastly but not least, we are fast approaching the second half of the year. Have you been doing justice to your studies? Have you been living life to the fullest? Or have you just been shacking along without contributing to social change, exploiting opportunity and not exploring all forms of creativity around you? Do something about what you haven’t been doing for the first half of the year… LIVE, LAUGH, CRY, AND STUDY HARD- KEEP YOURSELF TUNED INTO RADIODUT. GOODLUCK TO EVERYONE WRITING EXAMS!

Written by: Anele Hlongwane

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