Winter is known as the cold and flu season, however when it comes to donating blood, everyday is important.

That is why the South African National Blood Service is at Steve Biko campus today for you to be able to donate blood.

Besides saving the lives of others, you will be getting other blood screenings which aren’t usually done for free.

“If you are a donor we test you for HIV, Hepatitis and syphilis, so you can know that all is well.” said Clinic Supervisor, Zukile Manengela.

There is a criterion that you have to fit to be eligible to donate.

You have to be 16 years or older (Not older than 75 years), weight 50KGs and more and live a healthy sexual lifestyle

“The person should preferably not be involved in a new sexual relationship that is less than three months and should not have more than one sexual partner.” added Manengela.

Staff and students are urged to donate and help save lives of those in need this winter.

The friendly SANBS staff is located at Steve Biko Campus, near the Library until 3pm this afternoon.

Matshidiso Tsolo

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