Who is excited about the NEW whatsapp Features?


It is confirmed! WhatsApp is indeed getting an update and I can say it is an upgrade.

The controversial ‘Live-location’ feature has to be my personal favourite. Basically what this feature does is to allow you track your friends in REALTIME! Every step is literally monitored. I am very excited about this feature especially when it comes to tracking missing people or a cheating partner – it is easy to catch them out!

The downfall obviously has to be the data that is going to be used. We know how expensive data is hey? At that time your network provider is not cutting the high prices. Either way, you can turn the feature on or off, so relax and carry on lying.

Moving on to group chats – I don’t want to lie – but I HATE them. To make things worse, WhatsApp has decided that we can all video call each other at the same time. I mean, Who has time for that? Plus, sometimes you aren’t in the group to ‘chat’ but get certain things, like announcements and so forth. Now the group creator is a starring more than ever! You can be a co-admin and still not be able to remove the creator! I am pretty sure they are so going to  enjoy that.

Check out this cool video that explains how it all works and how you can delete a text you sent on your phone and the next person’s. Cool hey?

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