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Constitutional Court has confirmed that voters have the right to know about their parties’ funding. The decision is in accordance with the ruling that was made by the Western Cape High Court in March 2018.

This matter was brought to light by the non-profitable organisation, My Vote Counts (MVC), which argued in the Constitutional Court that voters need to know who funded their political parties. They believed that there is a need for people to be informed so that they can make the right decisions

According to the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa, electoral commission is responsible for managing the Represented Political Parties’ Fund, which provides funding for political parties participating in Parliament and provincial legislatures.

Twitter users shared their views under the #PartyFunding

@Sakoglobal said some parties will have a very big problem with that constitutional ruling! Putting their blessers on a public platforms it’s going to be stressful.

Corruption Watch SA said judgement handed down in the @ConCourtSA today orders Parliament to amend PAIA to include access to political party funding information. The Court has given Parliament 18 months to complete the changes, and @MVC_SA costs to be paid by the Department of Justice #partyfunding

“As an EFF Supporter my party must disclose who funds them to enhance accountability, responsiveness and openness in a society based on democratic values. #PartyFunding,” Not Adv Ngcukaitobi @AdvNgcukaitobi tweeted.

However, the High Court ruled against the decision of Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) because it did not provide for the disclosuere of information relating to the private funding that political parties receive.

By Mndaba Lindelani


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