Wednesday Motivation on the Feel Good Breakfast Show [podcast]

Yesterday morning on the Feel Good Breakfast show Bright Ntengo hosted Mfundo Khumalo for the Wednesday motivation, sharing advice and words of encouragement for the new semester.

“It’s a brand new semester, some made it and some didn’t. Right now we starting afresh, what can you say?” Asked Bright.

Sfundo spoke to parents, students, lecturers and everyone involved in one’s education, because he believes that when a student is in school they are a representation of their background and everyone else who is involved in their season of becoming.

Sfundo advised parents to invest in their children’s well-being even if it doesn’t involve money, as it is important for their child to know that they being supported regardless of what happened last semester. 

He also mentioned how platforms on campuses should give advice right from the beginning and not wait for the end of the semester when it is late. Any words of encouragement should be heard right from the beginning.

He continued to touch on how students should master the skill of balancing personal activities and academics as studying is the primary goal as to why students are in varsity in the first place.

He went on to advice lecturers to devote a few minutes of their time before the lecture to motivate and encourage students, Sfundo says it’s important for lecturers to share their journey of success with students because they were once students as well.

“It’s a brand new semester, and this means it’s a chance to start over regardless of how you did the last semester, you can still turn things around,” Sfundo said.

He advised that students should not give up and let your fate decided by the last semester when they can still change things with the time left to complete the year. He believes that giving up becomes a habit, “if you choose to give up it will make it easier for you to give up on anything in the future,” he adds.

Lastly, he advised that students should unite and stop putting each other down by stealing from each other. To make sure that you treat other people the same way you would like to be treated.

Catch Sfundo Khumalo’s motivation with Bright Ntengo every Monday and Wednesday on the Feel Good Breakfast Show from 10h15.

Nonhlanhla Hlatshwayo

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