Women live their lives with dedication, ticking everything off their to do list not even knowing how many people they inspire.

“The success of every women should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up.” Serena Williams.

Today we celebrate the courageous act of the South African women of 1956. We remember their bravery act of marching to the union buildings to contribute their voices and concerns  of the oppression, they could not take the silence anymore.

Decades later we are still inspired by their bravery act and continue to celebrate them hence this day: women’s day.

Women have since then, and before continued being a pillar of strength to everyone around even the people they don’t recognise. They’ve went against all odds and broke all boundaries  to make sure that they are never silenced to live in fear and made to feel that being a woman is a weakness.

The steady rise of women in authoritative positions is indeed impressive and evidence that women can never be held back. It is also one of the greatest tools to uplift every young girl, for them to realise that being a woman is a strength! 

We are proud and very honored to be celebrating the strength and courage of every woman in our country and all over the world. We appreciate their strength that is our daily inspiration and we look up to them. Happy women’s day! #WeAreInspiredByWomen

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Article: Nonhlanhla Hlatswayo

Video: Shot by Fundiswa Zungu, Edited by Matshidiso Tsolo

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