Uniting different ethnic groups through African cuisine.

The Amasiko Ehlangene Movement, in association with the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Sports, Arts and Culture hosted a food tasting gathering aimed at creating social cohesion among different ethnicities in the province.

Izintombi Zomhlanga (reed dancers) from DUT joined women from all over KZN who help maidens through the coming of age phase and teach them the African way to behave as a young woman.

Thandi Mthangani from Claremont said they didn’t come only as omama bokhlola (virginity testers) but as Africans who are concerned about preserving the native way of doing things.

“We are trying to return to our indigenous food, I am 65 years old and have remained in good health because of eating traditional Zulu dishes which are better than processed western food we eat nowadays. When you go through life following African guidelines, not only with food you have a better quality of life,” said Mthangani.

Students from other parts of the continent were present and ready to indulge in the dishes prepared for them. Nokwanda Mhlongo a student from DUT and intombi yomhlanga said she was happy to be part of such an event and felt pride in being an African.

“At home we had a tradition of cooking on the fire on Saturdays even though we had electricity, and once the fire is up it was strictly traditional food that would be cooked there. I am happy she instilled that tradition in me and taught me a skill most of my peers don’t have,” said Mhlongo.

According to the organisation’s spokesperson Mpumelelo Blose, the tasting of different cuisine from all racial groups is aimed at encouraging the understanding of different cultures. Amasiko Ehlangene Movement hope this will lead to other events and carnivals aimed at promoting co-existence among different racial and ethnic groups

“Food is one of the mediums we can use as an expression to learn about each other’s cultures to have respect for social gatherings where we can create a social cohesion system where people can learn about each other,” said Blose.


By: Naledi Sikhakhane



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