Unisa Campus Shuts Down

Protesters have shut down the University of South Africa’s Sunnyside Campus, expressing their dissatisfaction with management.

Cleaners, security guards and student leaders took to the streets in an effort to force management to do away with outsourcing and permanently employ workers on contracts. Not everyone supported the protests, with many students saying they wanted to register. Some students, who were asked said the action taking place on campus was disadvantaging them.

They explained how because of the protest they don’t have access to online platforms to register. They find the circumstance unfortunate as they had used money to come to Unisa to sort out their registration process so that they can study.

“They should not be stopping us from registering while they fight with management,” A student said.

Economic Freedom Fighters students’ command leader Mpho Morolane said the university had not kept its end of the bargain in terms of doing away with outsourcing.

“Council mandated the management of the University that a task team should be set up as a matter of urgency. To date, there is no task team. Secondly, we are saying all students who come from poor backgrounds and can’t afford must register for free. Gone are the days where students who want to study further are left out by the system,” he said.

Students started leaving the campus shortly after 13:30 yesterday, as many realised they would not be able to get anything done. One student said he would try to register online instead, while others said they would return on another day.


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