“The money could be put to better use”; Twitter on Zuma Statue.

Twitter users had a fit over President Zuma being awarded the highest honour during a visit to Nigeria’s Imo State at the weekend, a statue was erected in honour of the head of state to much dissapproval.

A Street has also been named after him which South African and Nigerian social media users had mixed reactions to, following the news that the Nigerian government unveiled a statue of President Jacob Zuma on Sunday.

This comes after there were negative reactions to a monument erected in Zuma’s honour Groot Marico in the North West. The R1.8-million monument was erected in the area where Zuma was arrested and forms part of the Liberation Heritage Route, where activists crossed as they went into exile to continue the struggle against apartheid and colonialism.




The Guild of Nigerian Professionals group reportedly criticised the local governor’s decision to erect a statue of President Jacob Zuma calling it unacceptable. The common factor between the cries from citizens of both states is the amount the statue and monument costs respectively and the fact that these countries are developing states in dire need of funds for education and other social services.


Zuma was on a working visit to Zambia, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo to strengthen socio-economic relations and other co-operations.


By: Naledi Sikhakhane

Image: sourced


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