The Agenda Teaches Students About Transformative Pedagogy

By: Lungelo Ngcamu

The Agenda Feminist Media teaches students about the Transformative Pedagogy (education).

The TransfoAgenda_african_feminismsrmative Pedagogy is an initiative that aims to transform the way in which gender based violence is addressed and creating the platform for male and female students to forge new ways of talking about sexual violence. It was established in 2014 to also create safe space for students.

Dhivana Rajgopaul, the intern from The Agenda Feminist Media speaking on RadioDUT’s Lunch With The Girls show said that women face difficulties which lead them not reporting sexual cases.

“Women face many social pressures that discourage them from reporting sexual violence”, said Rajgopaul.

Rajgopaul went on to say they have Inyathelo Lethu that was established to help people to address their sexual violence experiences.

“We also have Inyathelo Lethu that helps people to come and speak of their sexual violence more especial in high schools and it helps to get ways of responding to violence. It also engages students to become critical thinkers, eliminate the oppression and violent hierarchies through raising awareness,” said Rajgopaul.

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