The 48 Hour Rule Is Back!

The Durban University of Technology department of student housing and residence life issued a letter reinstating the 48 hour rule.

The 48 hour rule forces all students living in DUT residents to vacate the premises within 48 hours after the release of the supplementary exams list. This means that students who have passed their exams and are not to write supplementary exams will be forced to leave within 48 hours. This was after this rule was relaxed last year due to the interruption of the academic year. The department of housing reinstated the 48 hour rule following the challenges they observed during the suspension of this rule where students who were done with exams were interrupting students who were still writing exams, vandalism in residents, high consumption of alcohol, abortion, drug abuse and stealing of students’ belongings.

“The 48 hour rule would have stayed relaxed had we not experienced so many challenges and even landlords were complaining, so the rule had to be reinstated,” said Nokwanda Malunga from the student housing department.

Some students totally agree and can attest to such things happening, Londiwe Zondiwe a 2nd year student says the 48 hour rule is necessary because she’s been one of the students who was affected by the challenges during the suspension of the rule as she was disturbed during her exams last year.

However some students are concerned about their belongings when they are forced to leave, they feel this will inconvenience them as they will be forced to take all their belongings with them and some use public transport to get home. “We don’t mind leaving, but the problem is that we have a lot of things to carry and we won’t be able to take them at one go only to come back three weeks later with them,” said Nosipho Khumalo a Business Information and Management 2nd year student.

The SRC is aware of this and they stated that the 48 hour rule will only start applying once the supplementary list is out. “People will not be chased out right after their exams end,” said Wendy Machi the SRC’s Social and Welfare Officer (DBN). She also added that they are communicating with Res management to allow students to keep their belongings in the residences. Three have agreed to the request. They are still communicating with the others and feedback will be provided.

Nonhlanhla Hlatshwayo

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