Text versus face-to-face chatting

Have you ever notice that it is much easier to express your feelings via text message rather than to a person face-to-face?

Texting might be an appropriate form of communication, however, there are particular conversations that are not meant to be shared via text. For instance, expressing your feelings about someone through text message is not a good idea. It is not ideal to use this form of communication in this particular circumstance because the receiver might misinterpret your message.

Face-to-face will always be the most preferable form of communication because through it, the receiver is able to get the feel of the message by looking at the facial expressions of the person who’s giving them the message.

Most people believe that texting can give false sense of interest, which is true. Others choose communicating via text because of fear and having a problem of mumbling when they have to pass the message.

By Mndaba Lindelani


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