Take Care Of Yourself: DUT HIV/AIDs Centre

By: Lungelo Ngcamu

DUT HIV/AIDS Centre has encouraged students to take care of themselves at the Graduate Alive event that was held at Ritson campus on Friday.

The main goal of the event was to generic-building_6promote the health outlook and behaviour among students.

This year’s event was full of entertainment unlike the previous ones that had panellists.

The Department of Health representative, Dr Mayise and DUT’s Housing Department Director, Dr Nassengo were only people to address students on the topic of HIV/AIDS.

DUT HIV/AIDS Project Officer, Melusi Dlamini urges students to react as soon as they find out that they are being affected by HIV/AIDS.

“We are living in the wonderful time where our government has given us so much support and even our institution as DUT we have given so much support to our students who are living with HIV/AIDS, so we say the earlier you find out about it the longer you live. Take care of yourself if you have not been affected by it, but if you are there are so many things that you can do to take care of yourself,” said Dlamini.

Dr Mayise from Department of Health encouraged students to take care of themselves and try to abstain.

“We encourage students to abstain from sex, but if they do, they need to make sure protection is being used at all times,” said Mayise.


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