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  Given the current slope of the economy, being innovate and creative in this day and age is the only way one can ensure their day to day needs are being met. Entrepreneurship is fast becoming the safe haven for many people as it allows leaders to not only make commission from their natural skill set…..


Matt Tsolo chatted witth co-host Nkosi Sibiya about CV Writing Skills, these are few  of the things they discussed. 1. Be clear and structured There is no way recruiters are going to read all the CVs in detail. They begin by ‘scanning’ the CVs received by reading them diagonally. Only those that catch their attention upon…..

what a 21st cv should look like

Recruiters spend only 6 seconds scanning each CV. So the very first impression is key. If you submit a neat, properly organised document, you’ll convince the recruiters to spend more time on your CV. Every time you’re looking for a job, you compete against 250 other candidates on average. Why not ensure that your CV stands out the…..