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MaNgcobo is shocked to see that Mxolisi is their surprise breakfast guest. Thobile confronts Captain Mthimkhulu about how he let the rapist go free. Mbekiseni is reinstated as the Curch Sunday school teacher and tells the church that he is has been a victim of false accusations made by Thobile. Zekhethelo defends her father agaisnt the…..

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Nkunzi tries to convince MaNgcobo that he’s criminal ways will not affect their safety. The Mdletshe’s are shocked to hear that Mbekiseni is accussed of being a child sex offender.Mbhekiseni is charged and convicted for child molester. www.radiodut.co.za WhatsApp Hotline: 064 381 9882

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Thobile is at the brink of commiting suicide after having the police tell her that its her word against he word of Mbhekiseni. MaNgcobo is shocked to discover that she is inlive with yet another criminal. Nkunzi and Mxolisi are cuffed and taken in for questioning.

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Nkunzi takes Mxolisi on a roadtrip to teach him a lesson, best way he knows how. MaMlambo is furious with Thobiles Accusations against Mbhekiseni. Thobile, GC and Smangele join the choir again. www.radiodut.co.za Whatsapp Hotline: 064 382 9882

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MaMlambo finaly learns the truth about her new dream man.Mbhekiseni asks Thobile to drop the targes for rapeshe layed against him. Nkunzi and Pastor Mdletshe fight over the truth that Mxolisi reveals to him about their life of crime.

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Pastor Mdletshe believes that criminals need to pay for the crimes, even if it’s his own son. Thobile refuses to let past demons continue to haunt her and lays a charge of rape against Mbhekiseni. Mondli tries to mend a bridge by inviting Nosipho out to dinner. www.radiodut.co.za Whatsapp Hotline 064 381 9882

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Mxolisi and Mastermind work on their plot to make Sbu hate Nkunzi. Nosipho’s past haunts as one of her previous clients harasses her at her new work place. Thobile looks uncomfortable with her reunion with her uncle Mbhekiseni.

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Mxolisi and Mastermind plot to get rid of Nkunzi using Sbu as bait. The choir celebrates good news. Mbekhiseni returns and he and MaMlambo declare their love for each other. A shocking incident from the past enters Thobile’s world when it turns out Mbhekiseni is her uncle. www.radiodut.co.za Whatsapp Hotline 064 381 9882

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Mxolisi is ready to come clean about the ATM bombings but Pastor Mdletshe and Nkunzi puts him in a corner that he cannot get out of. Zekhetelo is hopeful that Mxolisi will open up to her, but he denies any feelings for her and apoligises for wasting her time. MaMlambo’s heart breaks as she realizes too…..

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Nosipho finally gets discharged, but she’ssad to find that things have changed and Mangcobo is happy with her new family. MaMlambo feels like a teenager again with her new found love. Thobile is taking the salon to new heights and GC wants to be recognised