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Our favorite highlights: Neil Green & Savanna

15|Sep|2017 Neil Green easily stands out as one of Durban’s most popular comedy acts. A prolific comedy writer, the man literally has “jokes for days.” His sharp wit, commanding stage presence, and hilariously honest brand of comedy have won him legions of fans throughout Durban and beyond. Green debuted his highly successful One-Man Comedy Show (“I’m…..


    The Disability Rights Unit of the Durban University of Technology organized a module that was presented over the course of five days in basic South African sign language. The assessment consisted of both theoretical and practical activities, “the purpose of the module was to equip the learner with basic skills necessary to communicate in…..

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Full Coverage Of The MTV Base VJ search 2017

RadioDUT catches up with Sandile Ntshingila, Slikour and Junior DE Rocka at the Olive Convention Centre for the MTV Base VJ Search. #RadioDUT #MTV base VJ Search 2017.   www.radiodut.co.za

#SoapieCatchUp #GenerationsTheLegacy EPS 126

    Sphe is experiencing difficulties with her pregnancy, Lucy is excited to see Namhla after her disappearing act.  Mr. Majozi the auditor from SARS pays the Diale’s a visit.   www.radiodut.co.za Whatsapp Hotline: 064 382 9882


Just in case you missed the dopest Ambitiouz Entertainment’s interview with Siphi Msani on “The Afternoon Shutdown” listen below.   #MUSTLISTEN!!!


  Ambititouz Entertainment graces the studio of RadioDUT to talk about the projects they have been working on and the SAMA nominations. Q&A Session with Siphi Msani and Ambititouz Entertainment Priddy Ugly: How does it feel to be part of the team? A: I am very happy to be part of the team, we moving us…..


    Jack feels threatened by Mogale he doesn’t want him anywhere near his family, Cosmo bribes Mrekza to dump Lucy, he feels Lucy is embarrassing herself with dating “the help”. The state wants Namhla to testify against the Kumkani and in exchange they will put her family under witness protection. What will Namhla do?  …..


  Tshidi is shocked when a Jozi crime kingpin goes down on her knees to beg.A husband is left reeling when his wife takes back her power.Thomas decides to use Namhla to get his man.   www.radiodut.co.za Whatsapp Hotline 064 381 9882


    Dr Watson tells Nandi she’ll have to make a sacrifice.Smanga wonders if their conniving was really worth it.Lucy grabs a gun so she can finish Gadaffi off.   www.radiodut.co.za Whatsapp Hotline 064 381 9882


  Mogale is out to get Jack, the board drills Jack for answers this might influence the boards decision. Mogale takes Nandi out for coffee what will be Jack’s reaction to this ? Lucy blesses her toy boy Mrekza with a new expensive smartphone.   www.radiodut.co.za WhatsappHotline 064 381 9882