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Miss Pru’s Mix For RadioDUT

EXCLUSIVE MIX FOR RADIODUT Born in the vaal Prudence Sebalo aka Miss Pru’s love for the performing arts was the biggest driving force in realizing that DJying is a unique form of performing arts. She’s experimented with drama and dance before but she truly finds he solace in Djing and creating music. Shining in her own…..

Cash Time Fam at Radio DUT on the 21st of May 2015

SA Hip hop royalty will yet again grace the RadioDUT studios on Thursday the 21st May 2015 and this time it’s non other than the Cash Time Life crew members. This exclusive interview is scheduled to be LIVE during the Lunch With The Girls  show(#LWTG) between 1-3 pm. The Cash Time Family, is quite big family indeed…..

Defence Mechanisms and Psychology: Can you spot your favourite form of self-deception?

“Defence Mechanisms are unconscious protective mechanisms to prevent you from unpleasant feelings such as anxiety thoughts etc. We all have used them at some point of our lives”   FOR MORE ON THE TOPIC LIVE STREAM THIS EXCLUSIVE TALK WITH Candice Leith on radiodut.ndstream.net on the Am2PM show on the 14th of May 2015(THURSDAY) Hosted by…..


In celebrating his 10 anniversary in the music industry and promoting his latest song Mahamba Yedwa, South African rapper Khuli Chana dominated RadioDUT’s airwaves during the Afternoon Shutdown with Torche Looney. The Motswako (the mixture of Setswana, English and other vernacular languages in rap lyrics) rapper encompasses various elements from different backgrounds. His music involves street-talk…..