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how balanced diets & excercise combat disease

We tend to  look at our bodies, minds, emotions and spirit as if each part is fully separate from the other rather than totally intertwined.  On yesterday’s episode of our radio documentary Dreams Thina Abantu Abasha , Dawud Phungula alongside co-host Musa Dhlamini explored with studio guest and fitness instructor Ayanda Nyuswa what optimum health means,…..


  Given the current slope of the economy, being innovate and creative in this day and age is the only way one can ensure their day to day needs are being met. Entrepreneurship is fast becoming the safe haven for many people as it allows leaders to not only make commission from their natural skill set…..

A New Year , A New You 2016

I am a living, breathing piece of art; I am proof that things can change and I am proud to be the new me. Say it! 2016 is your year!

“Don’t Let Destruction Distract You” by Kelvin Onalo

#The_FeelGood_Breakfast_Show “Don’t let destruction distract you ” There will be destruction in your journey of success, don’t let destruction to distract you! Remain focused because you know your destination and any thing that happens in mid way, should not determine your destination!”… keep Focused, Keep Living! – Kelvin Onalo www.radiodut.co.za