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[Podcast] It’s Exam time!

We go through a lot just to attain a student card.  Sometimes varsity becomes a home and a place for rehabilitation to some of us.  Exams are not just a 50% mark for us but they are assurance that the good life we desire is just a two/three years away.  The motivation meant to remind the…..

Monday Motivation on The Feel Good Breakfast Show

Students are battling with a lot, from high volume of school work to complicated life issues. Parents are always occupied, busy and stressed about attaining means for the family. Students end up stranded, suffering from lots of unattended sores. Today on the Feel Good Breakfast show we were calling on parents to devote just a portion…..

[Podcast] #MondayMotivation on The Feel Good Breakfast Show

In case you missed it, the motivational speaker Sfundo joined Bright on The Feel Good Breakfast Show to motivate about the importance of forgiveness and how it helps one to move on. Sfundo also shared a personal story about his father who died through a hit and run and how it took him a long time…..

Believe how great you are, because you are- Dj Sbu

  Over hundreds of Durban University of Technology students attended a free Business Seminar at City Campus Arthur Smith Hall on Friday, August 23. The seminar was organised by Information Technology Alumni student, Terry Mavundla and facilitated by radio personality and entrepreneur Bongani Mavundla. First speaker on the panel was the Dean of DUT’s Faculty of…..

When It Hurts #MondayMotivation

Young King or Queen learn how to fight for your purpose and not the money”

Who’s In Charge Of Your Life #MondayMotivation

“You’ve got to take responsibility for your life, you got yourself there you’ve got to get yourself out”

GET THROUGH IT #MondayMotivation

Progress #MondayMotivation

“The real secret to happiness is PROGRESS”

Sacrifice #MondayMotivation

“You’re going to be here one day, but you’ll never get here if you give up, if you give in, if you quit. And finally, you’ve got to want to succeed, as bad as you want to breath.” “When you leave this earth, accomplish everything you ever wanted to”

Monday Motivation “Never Give Up”

” This speech is for the Professor who understands that Wikipedia is the greatest invention on the 21st Century, and TurnItIn.com is not…ever” For the student who feels they’ll never be good enough, because they’re average without realizing that maybe average is the new exceptional.