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Mental health care services are now available in most institutions of higher learning. In as much as the services are available to students, most students claim not be aware of the mental health support available to them on their different campuses. Baring this in mind the question then arises whose responsibility it is to raise awareness…..

Man ‘high on drugs’ jumps off two-storey

It took more than five men to restrain a seriously injured man believed to be under the influence of drugs after he jumped from a two-storey building in Pietermaritzburg early on Sunday morning. “According to bystanders, the man was on the roof, screaming that someone was chasing him even though there were apparently no visible signs…..

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It’s not too late to make stress your new buddy

At some point in your life you will experience stress, be it as a scholar or home executive-stress is inevitable. For years now, studies have revealed that Stress welcomes the risk of everything from common colds to cardiovascular disease. Stress is the foremost enemy to human kind. Doctors have been working against stress to help alleviate…..