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Let’s Unite Against Violence #DUTSilentProtest 24 August

The Silent Protest is a day-long event encompassing a ‘silent’ march. This event is aimed at raising awareness against gender and sexual violence. Event, aimed at raising awareness of the pervasiveness of rape and sexual violence in hetero-patriarchal societies, and an event that fosters a sense of solidarity with all survivors of rape and sexual violence,…..

DUT SRC Manifesto Presentations Begin Today

Dear DUT students, please note that the SRC Manifesto presentations will begin on Today(Wednesday-10/08/2016) at LC 107 – Steve Biko Campus from 1200 to 14h00 You will also be given a opportunity to question your prospective SRC candidates Here are other confirmed dates, venues and times for the SRC Manifesto: Thursday M.L.S.T outside Cafeteria 12h00 to 14h00…..

Gender-based Violence Occurs Between People Who Know Each Other: Prof Collins

By: Lungelo Ngcamu DUT students took it upon themselves to address issues of sexual violence on campus in a dialogue that was held at City Campus on Thursday afternoon. The aim was to create the awareness and break the silence with regards to sexual violence on campus. The platform was open to all present at the…..

KZNR-OTT to Help Students Protect Their Inventions

By: Lungelo Ngcamu The KwaZulu-Natal Regional Office of Technology Transfer (KZNR-OTT) helps students to protect their inventions. The Intellectual Property seminar held at Durban University of Technology (DUT) aimed at assisting undergraduate students to maximize the commercial games on their inventions. The organisation was formed in 2011 by four KZN universities of which are DUT, University…..

Take Care Of Yourself: DUT HIV/AIDs Centre

By: Lungelo Ngcamu DUT HIV/AIDS Centre has encouraged students to take care of themselves at the Graduate Alive event that was held at Ritson campus on Friday. The main goal of the event was to promote the health outlook and behaviour among students. This year’s event was full of entertainment unlike the previous ones that had…..

DUT Fashion Show A Success

By: Lungelo Ngcamu The Fashion Design and Textile department at Durban University of Technology (DUT) hosted a successful Fashion Show on Friday night at Fred Crooks Sports Centre, Steve Biko campus. The main aim of this annual event was to give students a platform to showcase their design abilities under the theme of “Incarnation”. This year’s…..

Succeed In Your Tests And Exams

By: Lungelo Ngcamu The Student Counselling is inviting students to visit their offices to get more advices on how to succeed in their tests and exams. The aim of study tips is to assist students to cope with exams preparations. The Student Counselling’s Psychologist, Anita da Silva emphasizes that it is necessary for students to follow…..

The Exam Tips, Stay Tune On RadioDUT’s The AM-PM Show on Thursday

  On Thursday, the Student Counselling Centre will be giving students tips on how to succeed on their tests and exams on the ‘All about you” feature. The time of the feature is 12:15- 13:00 so students are advised to stay tuned into The AM to PM show that is hosted by Nelly and Nelson Nzama……

DUT HIV/AIDS Centre Hosts Graduate Alive Event on Friday

By: Lungelo Ngcamu DUT HIV/AIDS Centre is doing it again as they set to host Graduate Alive Event 2015 at Ritson campus on Friday. The Graduate Alive event aims at increasing awareness to all DUT students regarding HIV/AIDS. This year’s event is much different from other events that the DUT HIV/AIDS Centre has hosted before as this…..

The Agenda Teaches Students About Transformative Pedagogy

By: Lungelo Ngcamu The Agenda Feminist Media teaches students about the Transformative Pedagogy (education). The Transformative Pedagogy is an initiative that aims to transform the way in which gender based violence is addressed and creating the platform for male and female students to forge new ways of talking about sexual violence. It was established in 2014…..