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The SRC elections begin on Tuesday 27 August 2019 and can be very daunting for a person who has no idea what is going on. So in the spirit of Ubuntu and leading by example, the Afternoon Shutdown’s Matt Tsolo reached out to the senior students for help. To further prepare you, a first time voter,…..


The SRC elections 2019 are on and the countdown has begun. So if you are a first year student, I am sure you have noticed some buzz around campus with elections going on, right? 58 candidates from both the Durban & Midlands campuses stand a chance to be part of the 15 members of the SRC……

SRC President Suspended

The Durban University of Technology SRC President Sesiyanda Godlimpi shared a letter of his suspension on the Facebook page used to communicate with students. On the post, Godlimpi states that he was suspended for fighting for a black marginalized child. “We were suspended because we demanded that all the students that were attending classes throughout the…..

DUT Student Claims IEC System Denies The Opportunity To Vote

As the voting process for the next Student Representative Council  is in motion, already concerns of bias, unfair elections hover the air. It also  has been confirmed by a student who voted that on the ballot, certain Departments have been subtracted from the data base and other students have been denied the opportunity to vote. When…..