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What a time to be a live for the 2000s. On Wednesday the Constitutional Court handed down the judgement declaring that common law defence of moderate and reasonable chastisement is constitutionally invalid. This follows the leave to appeal against the High Court’s initial 2017 judgement that ruled that it was wrong to ‘spank’ a child after…..

The private use of dagga is now decriminalised.

The Constitutional Court has ruled in favour of private use of dagga. This ruling follows a Western Cape High Court judgment that the possession, cultivation and use of dagga for private use was allowed. Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo said the right to privacy is not confined to a home or private dwelling. “It will not…..

What you might want to know about #PartyFunding

Constitutional Court has confirmed that voters have the right to know about their parties’ funding. The decision is in accordance with the ruling that was made by the Western Cape High Court in March 2018. This matter was brought to light by the non-profitable organisation, My Vote Counts (MVC), which argued in the Constitutional Court that…..

‘Do the right thing,’ Juju urges Concourt

“We are saying to the Constitutional Court, please do the right thing,” Malema told thousands of EFF members who had marched with him from Newtown to the court in Braamfontein. “This matter is in the interest of the nation and we must bring it to finality because people have reported about it, have spoken about it…..