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Veranda Panda Talks Music With Matt Tsolo #CatchUp

Today was yet another day to bring you another BIG interview on the #EarlyBirdBreakfast with Me Matt Tsolo. Today I had the CHART TOPPING Veranda Panda come through to talk music and even better, Dropped their Brand New song, Jazz Hands. I know how much you love our locals, so if you missed the interview,┬áHere is…..

Did You Know That Men Can Get Breast Cancer?

So I am a very curious person, always out and about finding cool and exciting stuff. This time around, I found something that is actually shocking instead of cool. Did you know that men can get breast cancer? I decided to go around and get views from guys and hear their thoughts on this and obviously,…..


In the spirit of exams, this week on the Early Bird Breakfast with Matt Tsolo, we wanted to know your lowest marks for a test or an exam. You won’t believe Matt’s lowest mark! This had to go down as the best of the week! Missed the show? We’ve got you covered. Listen to the podcast…..