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[ON THE REAL] The myth of toxic masculinity

Today On The Real, Sibusisiwe Maphumulo, Andile Jiyane and Denmark Vee held their discussion on gender stereotypes, focusing on the toxic masculinity. They talked about how societal expectations influence the lives of people and how it affects those around them. Jiyane said masculinity has been drilled into young boys with the hopes of them growing up…..


  On the AM2PM Show, Denmark Vee unpacked an issue that affect a women’s image with Andile Jiyane and Sibusisiwe Maphumulo from Agenda Feminist Media. Maphumulo said one of the biggest issues that young women face is lack of self-love and confidence. “We rely on other people to make us feel beautiful so we can be…..

Holidays are just around the corner, eat mindful and avoid weight gain!!

  Avoiding weight gain during holidays may not be an easy thing to do but it is very good for your health. Most students have been eating unhealthy food for the whole semester at res. When you walk around campus during lunch time, it is very rare to come across a student eating fruits or vegetables……