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[ON THE REAL]Societal myths about rape culture

On The Real, Sibusiswe Maphumulo and Denmark Vee talked about rape culture and a lot of things related to it. Sibusisiwe said they decide to talk about this topic because most people are not familiar with what rape culture is and also because of the ongoing trial of Pastor Tim Omotoso. The trial has sparked a…..

[ON THE REAL] Cervical Cancer and Human papillomavirus

  October was a cancer awareness month, On The Real show with Agenda Feminist media they decided to talk about cervical cancer and Human Papillomavirus. Sibusisiwe Maphumulo and Andile Jiyane took the liberty of doing research on the two and the information they had was taken from WebMD and the World Health organisation (WHO) Cancer affects…..


On the AM2PM show, Denmark Vee had chance of interviwing Philile Mtshali from student Studying isn’t just for the night before an assignment’s due or the night before an exam. The sooner you get into a good study groove, the easier everything will be and the more your chances of getting a positive outcome 1. Pick…..

[ON THE REAL]Breast cancer awareness month

On Breast cancer awareness month, Agenda Feminist Media (AFM) saw this as a chance to teach or rather have a conversation with women about breast cancer and how they can spot its symptoms. They did a research about breast cancer and this is what they found:  Pains in the armpits or breast that does not change…..

[Podcast] Floda- Ran away #AM2PM

  The KwaMashu-born R&B artist and hitmaker of “What You Do”, Nqobile Mthimkhulu, better known as Floda Grae was on the AM2PM with Denmark Vee. On the show, Floda talked about her brand new single titled “Ran away”. TUNE IN TO HEAR @FlodaGrae's NEW SINGLE🚨💃🏽! pic.twitter.com/65it9zRDBM — LIVE:radiodut.co.za (@RadioDUT) October 5, 2018   Listen to the…..

[ON THE REAL] Understanding eating disorders

Summer time is around the corner, so, everyone is eager to take great Instagram pictures in their bikinis, showing off their “summer bodies.” On The Real show with Andile Jiyane, Sibusisiwe Maphumulo and Denmark Vee talked about eating disorders that people fall victim to as result of pressure of having a “Summer body” all the time……

[PODCAST] Do you find reading books interesting?

There is a cultural narrative about how electronic devices are pulling students away from books. According to Forbes Global Education Studies shows that about 80% of high school graduates finds no interest in readings books. On the AM2PM Show, Denmark Vee spoke to students asking them about their level of interest in reading books Listen to…..

[ON THE REAL] ‘Umxovo’ and its effect on women’s health

On The Real, the Agenda Feminist Media Ladies Andile Jiyane and Sibusisiwe Maphumulo together with RadioDUT’s Denmark Vee had a discussion about umxovo and how it affects women’s health. “As women it makes us feel good being told that we the best in bed and we always want to satisfy them at all times,” Jiyane said……

[ON THE REAL] Challenging gender norms

Today on the On The Real, Sibusisiwe Maphumulo, Andile Jiyane and Denmark Vee talked about sex and gender roles and how people can challenge gender norms. Keeping in mind that gender is not just the binary of male and female based on one’s biological sex. Many persons are non-gender conforming people. Jiyane said there’s a lot…..

[PODCAST]Mshtarii Development Academy on the #AM2PM

On the AM2PM Denmark Vee hosted Mshtarii Development Academy which was born out of Mshtarii Investments. Mshtarii Investments was established as a software development house in 2013.  Early on, the company inducted software development students and quickly established that they were not up to speed with current programming languages, methodologies and real world job experience. In…..