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DHET warns against phony colleges

IT is through understanding the terminology related to the National Qualifications Framework (NQF ) and accreditation and registration that one can avoid abuse by bogus education providers. That’s according to Dr Felicity Coughlan, director of The Independent Institute of Education. In a statement she said: “Terminology related to education in South Africa can be confusing, particularly…..

“Help us find one of our own” pleads the DUT community

20 year old Andile Madlala an Information and Communications Technology student, Andile Madlala, was last seen on the 5th of August 2018. Andile was last seen at the Umlazi BB Section Police Station where he wrote an affidavit alleging people wanted to kill him.  Madlala’s peers have come forward with voicenotes sent by Madlala, where his…..