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[PODCAST] DUT Students Share their views on sex. #CampusDrive.

The Afternoon Shutdown team spoke about sex on the show today. The question was easy, If only one person in the relationship is ready for sex but the other one is not, should the ready one leave and pursue other sexual relations or wait? DUT students came out guns blazing with their views via our WhatsApp…..

#Recap: Afternoon Shutdown Chats with Melo from Takkie Wash SA

Today on the Afternoon Shutdown I had a chat with an amazing young Lady by the name of Melo, She is the founder of Takkie Wash SA. We spoke about a lot and if you missed the interview, we’ve got your back! Listen to the Podcast below, Share usingĀ  #CampusDrive. Listen to the Afternoon Shutdown with…..


Just in case you missed the dopest Ambitiouz Entertainment’s interview with Siphi Msani on “The Afternoon Shutdown” listen below.   #MUSTLISTEN!!!