Succeed In Your Tests And Exams

By: Lungelo Ngcamu

The Student Counselling is inSchool+XXX+high+resviting students to visit their offices to get more advices on how to succeed in their tests and exams.

The aim of study tips is to assist students to cope with exams preparations.

The Student Counselling’s Psychologist, Anita da Silva emphasizes that it is necessary for students to follow these tips if they want to succeed exams.

“It is very important for students to stick to study tips in order to succeed in the exam rooms,” said da Silva.
These are some test and exam tips for students:

Three Dimension of Exam Preparation are as follows: physical, academic and mental & emotional.
Let’s break them down.

Physical preparation
Firstly organise your work space, separate your work from your relaxation space-this will help you to focus when you need to work and relax when it is time to relax.
Ensure that you have all the basic study material- writing material, course and class notes. Make sure your notes are up to date and no sections are missing.
Create a learning environment- Organise your working area, for example a table, chair and computer if necessary. Surround yourself with positive messages.
Healthy Living-an important part of test and exam preparation is ensuring that you are taking time to look after yourself. Healthy eating, sleeping and exercising.

Academic Preparation
Start organising your time-plan for exams well in advance. Starting early and studying on a regular basis will make learning easier and less stressful. Draw up study plan and manage your time accordingly.
Don’t procrastinate or cram: cramming or cross-nighting are the opposites of effective studying. Draw up a weekly timetable and select prime time to study or revise. Make sure you manage your revision time.
Spend time going through past papers or make your own.

Mental & Emotional Preparation
Self-care is also important part of test/exam preparation.
Become aware of your anxiety and stress levels, keep self-care as a priority, no matter how much work you have to do, ensure you allow yourself for rest and relaxation. Remind yourself to stop and breathe. Keep focused and motivated.
For more info. Visit Student Counselling Centre, at Steve Biko Campus.

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