Students Walk Out Again To Protest Against NSFAS System

Durban University of Technology students once again waged in a peaceful protest against the National Student Financial Aid Scheme’s system called Sbux.

The SRC President Sesiyanda Godlimpi led the march to the vice chancellor’s offices to hand in the memorandum for the second time this year. Unfortunately the principal was not available that resulted in his deputy signing the memorandum on his behalf.

Godlimpi said they will protest until each and every student receive their allowances.

“It cannot be the business as usual while students are drowning in the pool of poverty,” he said.

Meanwhile, some students have been blaming Godlimpi for “failing” to convince the university management to shut down the institution and suspend lectures.

However, Wendy Dumezweni, DUT student took to the SRC Facebook page and wrote a post in defense of the president.

The post reads, “We can never run away from the fact that Sesiyanda Mduh Godlimpi is also human and a student like all of us. He has a degree to obtain just like all of us. In DUT we are in a position where the management and the system are oppressing us especially black students whom are disadvantaged. Let’s be realistic: it doesn’t make any logical sense that we come on social media and yell at him shouting that he is failing us while there are students whom push their English bums and go to classes or test venues while the president and the SRC are calling for a shutdown”

The deputy signed the memorandum and promised to meet up with the registrar and the dean of students to discuss the way forward before passing it (memo) to Prof. Mthembu

By Mndaba Lindelani


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