Students turned Women’s Day celebration to a month experience.

Workers having their women’s day breakfast prepared and brought to them by the students. Picture by: Sinenkululeko Makhanya ( Sterling house com.)

This month for Sterling House women workers is the first experience of being appreciated by students. The students of this DUT outsource accommodation decided on the women’s day to take the tools and give a treat to women responsible for protection, cleanliness and student advisory in the house.

This idea by the ladies’ house committee member Sinenkululeko Makhanya was applauded by everyone in the building and not only by ladies, the gentlemen also liked the idea and contributed as well.

Explaining the idea Sinenkululeko Makhanya said, “what prompted us to think of and do such a thing was the knowledge we had that nobody appreciates our mothers here, but still they choose to wake up and come here to gather peanuts for their families by doing what is supposed to be done by us students.”

Imbokodo showed extreme gratitude, Nokuthula Skhakhane one of the women of the house said the experience they are having is priceless and more than that she would like to thank the students in all 7 floors of the house for such wonderful humans they are. She added by wishing them to finish their qualifications and make their families proud. Residence Advisory’s Pam Ndlovu who also became part of the treat expressed her pride and gratitude as well in her children as the mother of the residence. The treat was a breakfast followed by gifts afterwards.

By Nkosingiphile Dladla

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