Student Strike stop classes. #StudentStrike


The DUT Student Representative Committee headed by SASCO had all the students leave their classes on Tuesday morning.

All student political parties came together to have their voices heard as one. The reason for the strike is because it has been brought to the SRC’s attention that majority of students still haven’t received their Sbux allowances.

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“As much it is speculated that students have received their Sbux allowances, but as the SRC we have been getting SMSes from students that they have not received their allowances,” Sphelele Mthembu, SRC SASCO President.

This comes after the students marched from class to class to suspend classes.

“We will enforce a strike because the DUT management needs to know that we cannot attend classes on empty stomachs and without books to study,” Mthembu continued.

Many students attending the strike believe that the strike will have their voices heard, and they will receive their allowances.

“People may see this as a waste of time but it’s not only about food allowances but it is also about our book allowances as well. We need to learn with our textbooks next to us so that we understand the content,” a DUT student who would like to remain anonymous.

The Sbux allowance is yet to come in for some students and the SRC states that strike will continue until all students receive their Sbux allowances.

Phumzile Mavuka.

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