Shashi plans trip to Palestine after backlash



South African media Personality, Shashi Naidoo, together with Human rights and Palestinian solidarity Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) held a press conference in Johannesburg in response to celebrity’s comments that sparked outrage on social media over the weekend.

Naidoo posted on her Instagram story referring to Palestine as a shithole of immense proportions.

Shashi Naidoo’s Instagram story image:

“The unbelievable anti-Israel bias by the media needs to stop so that the general population don’t to fall into Hamas’ PR trap which only furthers its cause of death and destruction,” according to her post.

Shortly after, Naidoo received a lot of backlash from hundreds of people across social media, including reported death threats Naidoo broke into tears when she was asked if she has forgiven herself.  And she said she hasn’t.

The social media influencer said she wants to use her influence to provide peace. “If I could just educate one person, it would have value.”

Twitter users had different views regarding the star’s apology.

Nabila Mayman said #shashinaidoo is crying because her career is over, not because she has any sympathy for the Palestinian people.

“Can sitting so pretty in your luxury SA home make you that ignorant? I’d love for her to walk a mile in the shoes of a Palestinian, although I doubt she’s man enough,” she tweeted.

@Nosh15 said someone should tell @SHASHINAIDOO that she can’t play the “Muslims are forgiving” card in her apology.

“It’s not a Muslim issue it’s a human rights issue! As South Africans we should know apartheid when we see it more than anyone else,” she said.

However, Siphamandla @Sowellnomics tweeted in favour of Naidoo saying that she challenged the leftist view on the Israel and Palestine conflict, and she was bullied into submission via death threats by BDS and their supporters.

Sphamandla also said freedom of speech does not come with terms & conditions and the gangsterization of politics is a threat to our freedoms.

By Mndaba Lindelani

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