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With the 2016/2017 Student Representative Council (S.R.C) elections just a day away, it seems the tension within  the South African’s Students Congress(SASCO) current SRC office holders and favourites to win, is still prevalent and accelerating.

After the announcement of the 2016/17 SRC elections was announced, it was vivid the organisation split into what the public titled SASCO one and SASCO two.

SASCO one, led by Scelo Mdebele, SASCO chairperson at the Durban University of Technology (DUT), and includes Sbo Khomo, secretary general of SASCO DUT.

Zama Mncube, as well is a SASCO member and current SRC president.

This faction of SASCO claims they are the legitimate and elected representative group of SASCO members and that the breakaway group are a bunch of traitors as publically labelled by current SRC president at a BGM meeting at Cane Growers hall at DUT’s ML Sultan campus a few weeks back.

In a meeting held at DUT’s Campbell residence on Friday the 12th, this faction of SASCO said, the reason they did not hold a manifesto launch for this year’s elections is because, the students of the university already know what this faction of SASCO within the SRC has done for them.

He also added, their main point being that of the commendable work they did helping students with their NSFAS applications, and that after the election process is over they would hold a meeting with all the students and ask them what they want the SRC to do for them.

The 2nd faction of SASCO led by Mthobisi Maphanga, Central House Council (CHC) president, and Mthobisi Zungu, former SRC secretary, claim that they are the legitimate SASCO because according to them and rumours making the rounds.

The president and secretary general of the first faction of SASCO, Scelo and Sbo, were in fact disbanded and are no longer recognised by SASCO, making them the legitimate representatives of the party.

In a meeting which was held at Campbell residence home, CHC president Mthobisi Maphanga, Scelo refuted  all those claims that had been uttered saying: “The BTT (Branch Task Team) cannot disband anyone but can make recommendations of disbanding to SASCO national branch but they cannot disband anyone.”

What was later exposed in a follow up question to Sbo Khomo, was that the BTT made a recommendation to disband SASO one and the national branch of SASCO had not taken a decision about the recommendation of disbanding so therefore according to them they are still the legitimate representative.

Amongst all the commotion and conflict, the national branch of SASCO was not available to discuss internal matters at this point.

SASCO one, did however promise that members of the ANC youth league will be at a meeting today to in fact clarify and legitimize them as the relevant representatives of the organisation.

What is clear however, is that opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are in fact capitalizing on this in fighting and making the disorder of the SASCO organisation a known fact to students.

The outcome of these elections will be the only clear indication of the future of the SRC here at DUT.

Written by: Lwandile Bhengu

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