Rising to the challenge of Sexual coercion

On The Real with the Agenda Feminist Media, they had a discussion about the issue of power and control called sexual coercion which is usually used by perpetrators of Gender Based Violence.

Sexual coercion is an unwanted sexual activity that happens when you are pressured, tricked, threatened, or forced in a nonphysical way.

Coercion can make you think you owe sex to someone. It might be from someone who has power over you, like a teacher, landlord, or a boss.

“No person is ever required to have sex with someone else”

Sibusisiwe Maphumulo said your partner can actually abuse you in this manner as well through making you feel like you owe him sex whenever you refuse to sleep with him, through use of words that make you feel guilty and subsequently result in him having intercourse with you.

“Most girls lost their virginity because they were made to feel like they owe the guy sex, they have to do it because he has been waiting for too long without being intimate, and end up being sexual with a guy while they are not even ready for that step,” Maphumulo said.

Andile Jiyane said a guy or girl would use tactics like pressure, trickery or emotions to get you to agree to sex.

“Best believe this is not a normality of a relationship, however it is manipulation at its best, at its worst it is abuse. Let us not normalize something like this, or allow men to feel like they have some sort of entitlement over women’s bodies just because you are in a relationship with him or he is offering you a job or help of some sort,” said Jiyane.

According to Suzannah Weiss, sometimes this can fall into the realm of rape, studies done show that victims of sexual coercion sometimes suffer from depression, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at the same rate that victims of rape do.

Because of the lack of knowledge and normalization of sexual coercion women who have fallen victim to this may not be aware of the fact that this is sexual assault and blame themselves.

Maphumulo said, “At the end of the day it is your body and it is your right to say no without anyone persuading you otherwise.”

She also said that if one said yes without actually wanting to, needs to know that he/she have been sexual coerced.

Listen to the clip below for information:

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By Mndaba Lindelani

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