RedBull gives DUT students wings

A very tiresome Thursday afternoon changed direction when RedBull turned up the volume and cooled students down with their famous energy drink.

The RedBull van with talented Djs arrived and demanded attention instantly. Students gathered at the courtyard in flocks and surrounded the van.

Whilst some students listened to the groovy tunes, others decided to turn the space into a dance floor and get funky with their dance skills.

The DJs did a splendid job in creating an atmosphere oozing with energy whilst two beautiful RedBull promoters handed out different flavours of drinks to everyone around.

According to one of the promotors, the idea of RedBull visiting universities is to energize students and keep them energetic through the day.

Students jived for a full hour on end and on that note students continued their day with zest and oomph.

– Laeeka Edries

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