Let’s be honest, some of us are not ready to have kids while still in varsity, right?

Also they say prevention is better than cure, that is why the KwaZulu-Natal Department of health has teamed up with DUT Clinic, alongside other universities & TVET colleges in the province for the for the WE CHOOSE “PLAN A”  PREVENTION CAMPAIGN.

This brilliant campaign is to enlighten you on the prevention methods that are available for you to use.

Unwanted pregnancies & HIV are among the focus of this campaign.

So that is why an entire day will be dedicated to educate you about your options.

Saturday August 3 2019 is that day. King Albert Luthuli Hospital is the place to be.

The best thing about this is that transport is available to take you from campus to the venue, FOR FREE also, there is some refreshments and incentives available for you.

For the gents, with winter still being around, this is an ideal time for you to go for Voluntary Medical Male circumcision and you will be assisted with that!

Check out the poster below and decide what your future is going look like! See you there!

Matshidiso Tsolo

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