R40,000 fine for public urination, littering and begging in Durban

Ethekwini Municipality aims to put a stop to urinating in public through a new by-law that is set to come into effect later this year, and also comes with a fine of up to R40,000 for offenders.

The municipality said that residents will have to be on their best behaviour when enforcement of the recently gazetted “Nuisances and Behaviour in Public Places” by-law is implemented.

It said that the by-law aims to provide measures to regulate and control conduct or behaviour which causes, or is likely to cause discomfort, annoyance or inconvenience the public and to prevent it from occurring.

“Metro Police which includes enforcement officials are being trained to effectively enforce it,” eThekwini Municipality said.

The Commonwealth Games of 2022 will be coming to the City of Durban, following a unanimous vote by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) in Auckland, New Zealand earlier this month.

The coastal city will become the first African city to host the prestigious event.

Under the by-law prohibited conduct includes:

  • Nuisance behavior in public places;
  • Vegetation;
  • Hanging of items on fences, walls, balconies and verandas,
  • Noise;
  • Litter;
  • Conduct regarding vehicles such as washing and repairing vehicles in public spaces;
  • Obstructing, blocking or disturbing traffic and pedestrians;
  • Excavation in public places;
  • Weed-killers, herbicides, poisons and pesticides;
  • Vandalism of municipal property and
  • Nuisance arising from the use of premises.

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