Dreams Thina Abantu Abasha

This week on DreamsTAA, the girls face challenges between schooling, their person lives and making ends meet financially. They help each other in overcoming the different hardships they face by coming up with solutions to better whatever situation they are going through. The feature is headed by Asiphe Ntuli and Snenjabulo Mthethwa.

Episode 4: CV Writing Skills.

After her mother lost her job, Ayanda had to find one to support her family financially. In this episode the girls research how to draft the perfect CV for any job you may apply for. They find some pointers on what are the dos and don’ts you have to keep in mind when writing your CV. Asiphe and Sne spoke about what your CV should consist of to be deemed a good CV.

Episode 5: Interview Skills

Ayanda gets called for an interview and she needs to prepare for it. Going for a job interview can be stressful and knowing what to expect can make you feel more confident and increase your chances of making a good impression. The girls come up with guidelines to follow before and during an interview. Asiphe and Sne also touched on guidelines to help you prepare for an interview.

Episode 6: Budgeting and Financial Responsibility.

Ayanda got the job! Now she needs to open a bank account where the company she works for can pay her electronically. A bank account helps one to have access to their money electronically and you can even use it to save up for the future. Sne gave out tips on how to manage a bank account and all your finances.

Episode 7: Starting a business

In this episode Ayanda and Lisa help Mbali to come up with the perfect idea for her business plan so they do some research on how to be a successful entrepreneur. They also follow a few steps that will help a business to grow successfully. Sne spoke to students and staff at DUT to find out what they think about entrepreneurship.

Listen to Dreams Thina Abantu Abasha with Asiphe and Snenjabulo every Thursday from 2pm. #LunchTimeFix

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