[PODCAST] The Afternoon Glits with beauty trends #LWTG

Eyelash Application

In the Spirit of Spring and a simple daytime campus look, we LOVE us some LASHES. Recently I have been seeing how some ladies have been doing their lashes and I thought I could touch on this topic.

Continuing with our spring theme, we need not to forget what has been previously discussed about clean looking makeup as day-to-day campus look. So, firsly here are some of the basic essentials:

  1. Tweezers
  2. Glue – Lash Fix Strip Lash Adhesive (UNDER R100- Clicks or Dischem)
  3. Cotton Bud
  4. Lashes – Eyelure
  5. Timer

Note: It is advisable for the glue be almost dry before applying lashes because wet glue is messy

(especially if applying your lashes is the final stage).

Listen to the Clip below for more:

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Written by Sino |Audio by Lindelani Mndaba

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