[PODCAST] Slaying the make-up with Beauty Trends


As we all know that we are in spring and approaching summer season, Beauty Trends were in studio to switch up your makeup routine to match the change of the season.
Makeup Artist, Sino advised ladies to put away their dark lipsticks, heavy foundations with thick eyeliner and go for more fresh and dewy looks.

Here is a basic of what you can have in your kit this spring:

1. Primer
2. Brush (Spoolie, blending, foundation, powder, blush)
3. Beauty Blender
4. Eyebrow pencil (preferably brown)
5. Eye Shadow palette
6. Liquid Foundation
7. Eyeliner
8. Concealer (shade lighter for the eyebrows and different shade for blemishes and coverage depending on skin type/colour)
9. Glow kit
10. Lip liners and Lip colours
11. Finishing Spray

For more information, listen to the clip below:

By Mndaba Lindelani



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