[PODCAST] Pandemic of illegal abortion in South South Africa

According to South African History Online (SAHO) in 1996  October 31, the South African National Assembly passed the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy (CTOP) Act. The law allows women to terminate pregnancies on request within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. It also provides for abortion under specified circumstances within the thirteenth week through to the twentieth week, and under very limited circumstances beyond that point.

However, despite this liberal law and a relatively high rate of contraceptive use, unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions continue to be public health and social problems in South Africa. The Act, a critical milestone for gender equality, secured all South African women (including minors) the right to make decisions about reproduction and according to their individual beliefs. Muslim and Christian organisations participated in this abortion debate making formal submissions in opposition to the Act.

Listen to the clip below as your host Matt Tsolo with the Afternoon Shutdown crew discuss issues of illegal abortions in our country.

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By Mndaba Lindelani

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