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This week’s show focused on HIV and AIDS 101. Matt was joined by DR. Shepard Moyo from the HIV and TB special unit at the Helen Joseph hospital in Johannesburg. The main topic was around finding out why women and young girls are four times more likely to get infected by HIV than men.

Besides that the doctor also answered the questions relating to HIV and was even able to dismiss some of the misinformation regarding the cure for HIV.

We also wanted you to join in the conversation as well in which you did and gave your own opinion on the topic that was being discussed.

These are some of the myths Matt also busted:

Myth: Taking immune boosters and vitamins can cure HIV/Aids.​ 

Fact: Although treatments, like Anti-retrovirals (ARVs), make living with HIV/Aids possible, a cure is not yet available. Immune boosters help the body to produce more white blood cells, which help the body fight off diseases and infection, but this cannot be taken into account as there are different types of white blood cells and HIV targets one type of white blood cells, namely the T-helper cells which immune boosters cannot enhance.

Myth: Male circumcision can prevent HIV.

Fact: Although male circumcision can lessen the risk of contracting the virus by up to 60%, according to several studies, it does not prevent HIV infection.

Myth: Partners who are both HIV positive do not need to use condoms.

Fact: Even if you and your partner are both HIV positive you still need to practice safe sex in order to prevent yourselves from contracting drug resistant strains of HIV, as you and your partner could have different strains of HIV.

Myth: Having sex with a virgin can cure HIV/Aids.

Fact: This is absolutely not true and there is no basis for it whatsoever.

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