In the month of August, South Africa commemorates Women’s month, as a tribute to more than 20000 women who marched to the Union Buildings to fight the apartheid regime.

However, in 2019, there is still some gender equality within society and females are still left behind.

As part of Future Beats brought to you by HEIADS, The Afternoon Shutdown’s Matt Tsolo spoke about this issue and asked a pressing question: “Is gender equality an important issue for men”

This had tongues wagging with the WhatsApp voice note line filled with messages with people expressing how they feel and what they think about the topic.

Also discovered during the show was that there is something called “Fair discrimination”, what does this mean?

Listen to the FULL show podcast below and get involved in the topic on twitter by tagging @Radiodut:

Matt Tsolo is talking Future Beats every Thursday Afternoon from 4pm. #CampusDrive

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