DUT Open Week 2017 started on a good note

    The Durban University of Technology invited various High Schools, teachers and principals in and around KwaZulu-Natal to their 2017 Open Week held at the Fred Crookes Sports Centre, Steve Biko Campus.   Every year the university schedules a week whereby learners from different high schools in and around KZN come to the university to…..


  Tshidi is shocked when a Jozi crime kingpin goes down on her knees to beg.A husband is left reeling when his wife takes back her power.Thomas decides to use Namhla to get his man.   www.radiodut.co.za Whatsapp Hotline 064 381 9882

#SoapieCatchup Uzalo S3 EPS 71

Mxolisi and Mastermind work on their plot to make Sbu hate Nkunzi. Nosipho’s past haunts as one of her previous clients harasses her at her new work place. Thobile looks uncomfortable with her reunion with her uncle Mbhekiseni.


  Buffalo Souljah and AB Crazy couldn’t be a more perfect mash up for this power tune. Unite is all about celebrating love of all kinds, across all races, ’cause the heart does not love in colour. The dancehall tune is high spirited and will have you feeling happy after a few plays, just the injection…..


    South Africans woke up to the devastating news that former Generations star and radio DJ after being shot at a Pimville nightclub last night. Jozi FM CEO, Mpho Mhlangu posted confirmation of his death of Twitter and also on Facebook:  “It is with sadness that I inform you of the passing of our beloved…..


  Alien Covenant Synopsis: Alien Covenant is a science fiction horror film in which a spaceship on its way to colonise a distant planet is diverted to an uncharted world with optimum conditions for supporting human life. The film is the sequel to Prometheus and the latest in the Alien film series. Movie will be released…..


    Rashaka shakes KK’s position. Tebogo is frustrated by Mulalo’s baby talk and for her to accept baby Tshifhiwa. Mulalo learns that Teboho has fertility issues and blames her for it. Mulalo doesn’t support Tebogo even during her surgery. James reminds Fikile of the good times they once shared together. www.radiodut.co.za WhatsApp Hotlihne: 064 381…..


    Dr Watson tells Nandi she’ll have to make a sacrifice.Smanga wonders if their conniving was really worth it.Lucy grabs a gun so she can finish Gadaffi off.   www.radiodut.co.za Whatsapp Hotline 064 381 9882

#SoapieCatchup Uzalo S3 EPS 70

Mxolisi and Mastermind plot to get rid of Nkunzi using Sbu as bait. The choir celebrates good news. Mbekhiseni returns and he and MaMlambo declare their love for each other. A shocking incident from the past enters Thobile’s world when it turns out Mbhekiseni is her uncle. www.radiodut.co.za Whatsapp Hotline 064 381 9882


    Tshidi’s attempts at softening the auditor fail, Lucy gives Namhla a hot slaps and goes after Gaddafi, Mazwi betrays Tau and sides with Jack however Jack loses the votes against the board.   www.radiodut.co.za Whatsapp Hotline 064 381 9882